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Welcome to the world of conscious living, where life is not just lived, but thoroughly enjoyed and understood. We are thrilled to introduce our online downloadable guides, crafted meticulously from daily Doing Life with EAJ3 live sessions.

As we journey through life, we often encounter roadblocks that throw us off our path. It's easy to lose sight of our vision and passion. That's where Dr. Ervin A Jones III steps in with his enlightening live sessions and interactive guides.

Monthly Guides

Every month, we will release new guides focusing on various topics to help you navigate life. These guides are perfect for those who love to jot down notes and reflections, as well as our tech-savvy friends who prefer to use note-taking apps on their tablets.

Join Us In This Journey

With EAJ3 Enterprise, we aim to create a non-judgmental space for healing and conscious enjoyment of life. Our community gatherings and events are designed to provide support and encouragement as you walk this path.

Are you ready to embark on this journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth?

Download the first guide "Realigning Our Vision To Walk in Faith" now and let's begin the journey together!

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