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We are thrilled to celebrate our first year together at EAJ3 Enterprise - a journey of self-care, soul care, and conscious living. Through music, laughter, and biblical truths, we have built an environment free from judgment where healing thrives. As we mark this milestone, we invite you to share your story and testimonies of how EAJ3 has impacted your life during this incredible journey.

Share Your Testimony

We believe in the power of sharing and inspiring others through your experiences. Whether it's your memorable moments during EAJ3 Walks, the Night of Healing, or the daily Facebook Lives, your testimony can make a difference in someone else's life. You can submit your testimony in either video or written format.

Submit Your Testimony

Please use the form below to submit your testimony. Let your words be a beacon of hope for others seeking to walk the path of conscious living and healing.

Video Testimony Guidelines:

  • Please submit videos vertically.

  • Keep your video concise and heartfelt (2-3 minutes recommended).

  • Share how EAJ3 has influenced your life positively.

  • Mention specific moments or events that had a significant impact.

  • Feel free to express your emotions and gratitude.

Written Testimony Guidelines:

  • Share your story in a well-structured and heartfelt manner.

  • Be specific about the ways EAJ3 has touched your life.

  • Include details about your favorite experiences, teachings, or insights.

  • Feel free to express your emotions and gratitude.

Testimonial Form

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Thanks for submitting!

Thank you for being a part of EAJ3 Enterprise's first-year celebration. Together, we're making a positive impact on lives, one story at a time.

Join the Celebration

As we mark this special occasion, we invite you to join us in celebrating one year of transformation, growth, and conscious living. Stay tuned for upcoming events and surprises as we continue to walk this incredible journey together.

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