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In our ever-evolving world, the concept of relationships is shifting. The once-clear boundaries blur into undefined "situationships." But what's the path to understanding and true connection in these contemporary dynamics? "A Night Of Healing: Relationships Vs. Situationships" is here to offer insight and healing.


Building upon the powerful legacy of "A Night of Healing: Self Discovery", Dr. Ervin A. Jones III returns, blending the resonance of music, humor's uplifting spirit, and the profound truths from biblical teachings. This is not just another event; it's a sanctuary for souls seeking clarity and genuine connections.

Pre-Event Relaxation:
Doors Open @ 5 PM EST

Begin the evening leisurely. Let the ambient music transport you as you explore a curated selection of vendors. This is your moment to unwind, connect, and set the tone for the transformative evening ahead.

Event Access Schedule:

  • Premium Seating: 6:15 PM EST

  • VIP Seating: 6:30 PM EST

  • General Seating: 6:45 PM EST

Ticket Tiers & Pricing:

  • Premium Seating - $150
    Revel in the best seats and bask in the luxury of our Premium Seating. This ticket entitles you to an endless flow of beverages, gourmet meals catered by our selected food vendor, attentive concierge services, and an exclusive event-themed shirt to commemorate the night.

  • VIP Seating - $75
    Elevate your experience with our VIP Seating. Located just behind the Premium section, your ticket assures you of unlimited beverages, with gourmet delights available for additional purchase.

  • General Seating - $50
    Engage fully in Dr. Jones's illuminating insights with our General Seating. This ticket grants event admission, allowing you to be part of a transformative journey into the depths of relationships and situationships.

Join us for an enlightening evening that promises not only insight but also the tools to navigate through modern relationships. Book your spot and prepare for a transformative experience.

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